Leonard and Tammy
First Appearance None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 1
Last Appearance A Million Ways to Lose a Million Dollars
Gender Female (Tammy)
Male (Leonard)
Eye Color Black (both)
Hair Color White (Tammy)
Age 16 (both)
Relation Friends
Occupation Contestants (both; former)
Placement RR1: 18th
Voiced by Clé Bennett (Leonard)
Nicki Burke (Tammy)
Leonard and Tammy are a team on The Ridonculous Race 1 as the LARPers.


Before The Ridonculous RaceEdit

For more information about Leonard's time on Total Drama, visit Leonard
Leonard and Tammy met in the ninth grade when the two were stuffed into the same locker. They bonded as they waited to be released. A few months before signing up for the Ridonculous Race, Leonard signed up for Total Drama, another reality series.

The race beginsEdit

After losing Total Drama, Leonard signs up for a new show, The Ridonculous Race, with his friend Tammy. During the first leg of the race, the team begins poorly, ending up on the last flight to Morocco. While awaiting the plane's departure, they try to make alliances with many people, including the Adversity Twins and the Goths, but no teams accept their offer.

Once in Morocco, they finish the eating challenge just ahead of the Father and Son and the Vegans, who quickly start to catch up. Deciding it was their only option, the LARPers try to use magic to stop the other teams, who simply run past them. Realizing this isn't working, they race to the finish line, but place last and being eliminated from the race.

Race StandingEdit

Leg Placement
1 18th

Appearances (3/26)Edit

For more information about Leonard's appearances on Total Drama, visit Leonard

The Ridonculous Race 1 (3/26)Edit


  • They are the first team to ever be eliminated on The Ridonculous Race.
  • They are the first team to try to form an alliance.
  • Leonard is one of only four contestants to compete on both Total Drama and The Ridonculous Race, the others being Geoff, Noah, and Owen.


  • The team photo
  • Leonard's rotation
  • Tammy's rotation
  • The LARPers in the interview room
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