Gerry and Pete
Tennis Rivals
First Appearance None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 1
Last Appearance A Million Ways to Lose a Million Dollars
Gender Male (both)
Eye Color Black (both)
Hair Color White (Gerry)
Grey (Pete)
Age 60s (both)
Relation Frienemies
Occupation Tennis Players
Contestants (former)
Placement RR1: 17th
Voiced by Adrian Truss (Pete)
David Huband (Gerry)
Gerry and Pete are a team on The Ridonculous Race 1 as the Tennis Rivals.


Before The Ridonculous RaceEdit

In the 70's, Gerry and Pete were both fierce tennis players. Their biggest competition was each other. When The Ridonculous Race was announced, their agents thought it would be a good idea for them to sign up as a team to pick up new sponsorship contracts.

The race beginsEdit

During the first leg of the race, the two constantly joke around and refuse to take it seriously. The two choose to take the elevator, and are the first to complete the sky walk. When they have to zip-line, Gerry states that it was something he never wanted to do, and while they were on the zip-line, Gerry pushes Pete off, and then accidentally lets go, and the two arrive last at the airport and are put on flight three to Morocco.

They manage to catch up in Morocco during the challenge, with Pete being the one to do the eating challenge. They quickly finish that and show up fourth at the Chill Zone.

Out on a technicalityEdit

The two manage to get on the first flight to Paris, the next stop in the race, but their lead is lost when they fall sleep in a taxi without telling the driver where they're going. Once there, Gerry draws the caricature of Pete, and once they finish, they decide to just follow the Vegans in the Catacombs, but they Vegans manage to get ahead of them.

Once they get out, they struggle to get to the Chill Zone, and once there, they jump on the Chill Zone at the same time as the Reality TV Pros, but due to Gerry's foot being off the carpet, the two are eliminated. Gerry tries to argue with Don, however, it changes nothing, and the two are sent home.

Race StandingEdit

Leg Placement
1 4th
2 17th

Appearances (3/26)Edit


  • They are the only team that were rivals before entering the race.
  • They are the oldest contestants on the race.


  • The team photo
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