French is an Eiffel Language
Season 1, Episode 3
USA Airdate Sep 8, 2015
Written by Laurie Elliot
Winner(s) Police Cadets
Eliminated Tennis Rivals
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"None Down, Eighteen to Go" "Mediterranean Homesick Blues"
French is an Eiffel Language is the third episode of The Ridonculous Race 1 and the third episode overall.


The teams explore catacombs under the streets of Paris.


The episode starts at the Moroccan Chill Zone, where the teams depart in the order they arrived. They must then race on mopeds to book one of three flights to their next destination: Paris, France. The Ice Dancers arrive first.

The first two flights depart, and after landing, the contestants learn they must do another Botch or Watch, this time whoever didn't drink the stew must draw a caricature of their teammate. The Surfer Dudes are the first to complete this and get their next tip, where they learn they must navigate through the Catacombs by following the sent of cheese.

After the third flight lands, the Fashion Bloggers get a flat tire, and they decide to do some shopping while they wait for it to be fixed. Back in the Catacombs, the Police Cadets get a lead due to MacArthur's strong sense of smell.

Once in the Catacombs, the Tennis Rivals decide to follow Vegans through the catacombs rather than finding the way themselves, but they mistakenly followed the smell of Owen, who was in the bathroom. Outside the catacombs, the Ice Dancers and Police Cadets are the first ones to find the cheese, where they realize they must ride them on the water, then carry them to the Chill Zone.

More teams find the cheese, and while on the water, they face some difficulties. The Daters accidentally lose both of their ores due to Ryan, and Owen eats his team's cheese wheel.

Once they arrive, Noah and Owen get a penalty for eating the cheese, and it comes down to them and the Tennis Rivals. Once the timer runs out, the two teams dive for the Chill Zone, both landing on the carpet at the same time. The Tennis Rivals are sent home, however, because Gerry's foot wasn't on the carpet.



  • Penalties: Noah and Owen (20 minutes)
  • Noah and Owen visited Paris in Total Drama World Tour, making this their second time there.
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