Fashion Bloggers
Jen & Tom
Fashion Bloggers infobox
First Appearance None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 1
Last Appearance A Tisket, a Casket, I'm Gonna Blow a Gasket
Gender Female (Jen)
Male (Tom)
Eye Color Black (both)
Hair Color Brown (Tom)
Dark Brown (Jen)
Age 22 (Jen)
24 (Tom)
Relation Friends
Occupation Bloggers
Contestants (former)
Placement 14th
Voiced by Ashley Botting (Jen)
Jeff Geddis (Tom)
The Fashion Bloggers, Jennifer "Jen" and Thomas "Tom", are a team on The Ridonculous Race 1.


Before The Ridonculous RaceEdit

The two met and created a fashion blog, with Jen creating the ideas and Tom creating it and publishing it. Since, the two have been close friends, and decided to sign up for The Ridonculous Race.

The race beginsEdit

Initially, the fashion bloggers start strong in the race, during the first leg being the first team to reach the top, but because they're afraid to do the sky walk, they fall behind the other teams. Once in Morocco, Tom does the eating challenge, and they place tenth in the first leg of the race. Soon after, they travel to Paris, where Tom succeeds in drawing a caricature of Jen and they successfully navigate through the catacombs, arriving seventh at the Chill Zone.

In the next location, Tom is the one who swims with the sharks to get his clue, which he stalls doing because of fear. Once he gets the clue, him and Jen build the sandcastle and make it to the Chill Zone fifth. During their next challenge, the two fail to get the Icelandic sentence right, but get their tip for complimenting the person who is giving them. They choose to get a fossil for the next part of the challenge, and they successfully place second. During the next challenge, the two complete it with ease, but fall behind and place ninth.

Arguing over the blogEdit

While on their way to Transylvania, Carrie asked them how their blog started, and the two argued over who started it. They argue for the rest of their time there, until Tom is electrocuted during his challenge, causing him to admit Jen was better, which she denies. Tom manages to succeed at the challenge in the end, but not before they lose the race, placing fourteenth.

Race StandingsEdit

Leg Placement
1 10th
2 7th
3 5th
4 2nd
5 9th
6 14th

Appearances (6/26)Edit


  • They are named after the show's creators.
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